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The Team recruits new trainee Team Members each year with applications open from the 1st September until the 21st December. Usually prospective members who have expressed an interest will be invited to an information evening, followed by a selection process and hill test. A full training programme is then undertaken, with a final assessment 12 months later.

Associate membership
can be applied for all year round.

Apply for full Team membership online here

We recruit new members to the Team, male and female from all parts of County Durham. Basic criteria :-
Aged over 18 years
Have relevant hill experience
Availability and willingness to undertake the demands of probationary training
Fit to search for a maximum of six hours with a full pack

Potential new members open evening

Open evenings are held as and when required to boost Team numbers. These usually include:- a tour of the Rescue Centre and presentation on the work of the Team and an opportunity to meet Team members a presentation on training programme, expectations and questions

Application form and references obtained.
A formal application form has to be completed which will require two references.

Short 'Hill Test' (half day)
This provides an opportunity to look at the aspirant members gear for the hill, their navigation and hillcraft skills.

Acceptance as a prospective member
A copy of the Teams Training File will be provided with 'Basic' requirements indicated. These have to be fulfilled during the probationary period. Group Leaders in the Team have responsibility for ensuring that probationary members' training log is being completed and progress is maintained. Also they provide information to the Training Officer on progress and further training needs. An experienced Team member is appointed as a mentor to support in any wider matters of concern to the prospective member.


There are nine sections in our Training Log Book..
Rescue organisation
Search Methods
Fellcraft and Navigation
Rescue Centre and Vehicles
Communications and Radio Procedure
Casualty Care
Crag Training
Air Support
Crashed Aircraft
River Rescue
The knowledge and skills in each section of the logbook are divided into three categories Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Certain areas of the Foundation skills and knowledge are shown as Basic - these have to be acquired and/or understood by a probationary member before he/she is accepted as a full member.

It is expected that all full members, through their own training programme will acquire, then maintain, the knowledge and skills to Foundation level in each section.


These competencies lead on from the foundation. In some categories it is what is expected to be in a specialist group e.g. crag Team, search management group, vehicle driver, etc. It should also be seen as a training route towards Group Leader, Deputy and Team Leader.


These are skills and knowledge which only some Team members will acquire. These Team members would then be specialists in these fields e.g. Advanced Casualty Care, Rope Rescue.
Resources will be provided to allow criteria in the Log Book to be met. These will include:Work-cards, work-sheets, practical exercises, videos, books,CD Roms, slides, Power-point presentations, use of internet, etc. Together with a list of individuals within the Team who are willing to train prospective team members in particular aspects of the training programme.
We expect that it will take AT LEAST one year of training before a prospective team member is able to demonstrate the skills and acquire the knowledge to become a Full Team Member.
To find out more please E-Mail the team's Training Officer. You can apply online here Associate membership can be applied for all year round.